Kendra Wilkinson disappoints with her partying ways on Kendra On Top

Kendra Wilkinson took her party flirting a little too far on the Kendra on Top Season 5 premiere, and things got awkward.

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Wilkinson headed off to Sundance in Park City, Utah, with her best friend, Jessica Hall, but just because they’re both moms doesn’t mean they held back at all while on their vacation together.

The girls partied ridiculously hard. And apparently, Wilkinson was feeling a little insecure, because she turned to a few pro NFL players to give her some validation that she was a MILF. The guys were only too happy to compliment her and even offered to go further than words.

The whole thing made me feel so uncomfortable that I physically cringed.

Wilkinson even said at one point in the episode, “I’m not the type of person that should be married.”

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Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for women — whether they’re moms, wives or not — embracing their inner party animals and having a good time every once in a while. We’ve all been there. Well, most of us have. The point is that Wilkinson is more than welcome to have a good time however she wants.

The problem I have with the situation is that she doesn’t seem to be considering her family at all while on this trip. The girl knows she’s on camera. She knows that her words have consequences. She’s already been through the wringer with scandals in the past couple of years. The last thing she needs is to cross a line, and the drunk excuse is just not enough to make her actions at that party justifiable.

Nothing happened. She didn’t actually do anything with the football pros. But getting herself into such an uncomfortable situation, to the point that she felt like she needed to have a conversation about it with Baskett, was unfair to her family. And it definitely didn’t set a good example for her kids. They may not be watching Kendra on Top now, but that doesn’t mean their mommy’s actions won’t haunt them when they get older.

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I’m not a mom, I don’t yet understand the pressures of motherhood, but I’m not off base in saying that Wilkinson needs to watch herself.

She even said during the premiere that she’s in a happy place right now and wants to keep it. After watching this episode, it seems to me that if anyone is going to ruin her bubble of happiness, it’s going to be Wilkinson herself.

Did you think Wilkinson took her party flirting too far?