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Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson snagged a sweet new gig with Fox News

In addition to hunter, reality star and Duck Commander CEO, Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson can now add Fox News employee to his résumé.

The network announced Friday that Robertson will officially be joining Fox News as a contributor, helming a 45-minute podcast on Fox News Radio. The podcast will feature celebrity interviews and will focus on faith and family issues, according to Fox.

Robertson’s big podcast debut is Monday, April 4 when the first three episodes will be released, including an interview with Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson, according to Us Weekly.

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Faith and family are obviously topics Robertson is well acquainted with. He is the proud father of five children and his wife, Korie Robertson, announced several months ago that they are in the process of adopting a sixth child.

“We’ve had a lot of questions about the cute kid popping up in our photos lately,” Korie wrote on Instagram in January. “We are excited to be in the process of adopting a new son! He’s been with us since May, but we wanted some privacy and time for him and our family to bond before telling the world (It’s a bit of an adjustment coming into this big, crazy family, ha).”

“He’s amazing, and we are all so thrilled to have another kid around the house. Couldn’t keep the good news to ourselves any longer!” Korie continued. “We appreciate your prayers and support for our family!”

In addition to being a family man, Robertson and the rest of his extended family are also very outspoken about their conservative values. Robertson takes a softer approach to topics such as homosexuality than some of his other family members, but still takes the stance that being gay is a choice.

“Some of the things he said in that interview I didn’t agree with and I’ve even said so, and he’s even come out and said, ‘Yeah, that was a mistake,'” Robertson said in a 2014 interview after his father, Phil Robertson, caught some major backlash for comparing homosexuality to bestiality. “With things leading to bestiality, it was a mixed bag there of things. And then he quoted a Scripture, and that’s what’s in the Scripture. What I want people to know and what we’ve said over and over and over is that we love everybody.”

Will you be tuning in to Robertson’s new podcast?

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