Netflix uses John Stamos to pull cruel April Fools’ joke

April Fools’ Day is cruel for a number of reasons, but none so sexy and upsetting as this faux John Stamos documentary courtesy of Netflix. In John Stamos: Human, Being, a documentary that will sadly never see the light of day, Stamos teases fans with the story of “What is John Stamos? Teenage heartthrob. Worldwide brand. What is a star? A bad boy? A good guy?”

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In a masterful bit of engineering on Netflix’s part, fans are calling for a real version of this documentary. Give the people what they want!
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In a continued April Fools’ Day prank, People claims that Stamos had a meltdown while at the Netflix offices to film said trailer. According to their article, they’ve obtained footage (which, to be clear, is nowhere to be found, although we would love to see it) of Stamos “throwing a glass and hurling profanities.” Uncle Jesse, we know you would never do anything like that.

“This is DISGUSTING NETFLIX way to protect your TALENT,” Stamos tweets. “Netflix thinks they can make MY BRAND into a JOKE??”
If there’s one thing this trailer makes clear, it’s that Stamos knows exactly what his brand is: hot older man. Watch the full video below.

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