Mischa Barton’s diva behavior is having an effect on DWTS

Mischa Barton’s return to television is quite exciting for some, namely those who get to watch her on TV. For those who have to work with her, according to Radar Online, it’s a nightmare. An insider shares that Barton is “just not coming off as a nice person” to her fellow cast and crew members on the Dancing with the Stars set.

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“It is really quite unfortunate because when she first came on the show, members of the cast and crew said they were hoping that she was going to be the person that they used to love watching on TV. They were actually really excited to meet her,” says Radar‘s insider. Her diva behavior means the team has ended up avoiding her instead.

The insider continues, “Some people are claiming that Mischa is the most self-entitled and rude celebrity that the employees of the show have ever had to work with! She does not discriminate who she is rude to, either.”

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Even more surprising — and hilarious to picture — is Barton refusing to engage with her fellow dancers. When Geraldo Rivera was kicked off the show this week, she was the only person who didn’t hug him goodbye, says the source. “Misha (sic) had practically no response at all to Geraldo getting kicked off. All that did was add to the feeling on set that Misha (sic) does not want to be there, and she just wants to take the money and run.” Mischa, be nice to your elders! Then maybe they won’t rat on you to the tabloids.

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