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Kaley Cuoco receives a torrent of hate for wearing her heart on her sleeve

Kaley Cuoco made a decision to share her happiness with fans when she uploaded a photo of herself and rumored boyfriend, Karl Cook, to Instagram on Thursday.

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The image is adorable, as it shows the pair cozying up with each other while on a beach. However, the reaction to the post has been overwhelmingly negative.

It’s no secret that Cuoco wears her heart on her sleeve and falls in love quickly — she married her ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting, after just six months of dating. But instead of praising Cuoco for her ability to love, people are belittling her for it.

“New bf already?” victorialiciagrant wrote.

“Here we go again new relationship. Let’s guess married within 2 months divorced in a year?” hashtagomgitslee commented. While robynne1018 had similar thoughts, writing, “They’ll be married by next week.”

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“Funny how quick girls can move on,” ben___merkley shared.

There is so much judgment in this world and not enough love, and the reaction to Cuoco’s post is further proof of this. Shouldn’t we be happy for someone (regardless of whether they are a celebrity or not) if they have found happiness? But instead, the common reaction seems to be to make nasty and completely unnecessary comments.

Luckily, not all of the comments on Cuoco’s post have been negative, and one fan in particular, m_r_night, made an important point with his comment.

He wrote, “I don’t get it. She shares her happiness on here with us and some of the comments are just so unbelievably negative. I’m sorry, but saying stuff like. ‘I can’t see this lasting,’ based upon nothing but your own fantasy about her life built around a tv show is just ridiculous. I don’t know whether to be angered or saddened by comments like that. I wish you all the best and much happiness Kaley! Thanks for sharing :).”

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What do you think of Kaley Cuoco’s picture? Is the backlash she’s receiving unfair? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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