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Is there still hope for Scandal‘s Olivia and Fitz?

Scandal‘s Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz got their flirt on tonight and it made me pretty certain the show is gearing up for the return of Olitz in the very near future.

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I’ve never been much of a Jake and Olivia fan, especially this season. He’s totally creepin’ me out! Fitz all the way. But I had honestly given up on the two of them finding their way back together. I had given up on dreams of Vermont.

But then Fitz sauntered in the room with all his sexy charm and told Olivia that he wants to run a clean campaign. He made profound declarations of trying to be a good, honest man and my heart melted for him all over again.

Oh, and he also threw out some foreshadow-y lines like, “This is our chance to move forward,” and “We’re not these people anymore. We don’t have to be these people anymore.”

That sounds like a not-so-subtle start to a new beginning if I ever heard one.

Clearly, Fitz is all in.

It’s Olivia who needs some work.

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Remember, the reason the two of them broke up in the first place is because Olivia realized that she liked the freedom she had as a single lady. She didn’t want to be first lady. She didn’t want to be Fitz’s wife. And she wasn’t ready to start a family with him.

I’m not sure if those goals will ever change for Olivia. If that’s the case, then I hope the show doesn’t force them back together for the sake of some steamy onscreen chemistry. Even though I love their chemistry.

Show creator Shonda Rhimes could just have them become platonic besties. After all, a woman doesn’t always need a man to get her happily ever after.

But that doesn’t mean Fitz can’t be an added bonus.

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Fitz and Olivia ended the episode drinking bourbon together and talking politics. Yes, this election they’re on different teams. But, let’s be real, that’s only going to last until the primaries are over. Give it another season and they’ll be back to working together (both in business and in their personal lives, I’m betting).

Do you think tonight’s episode proved Olitz is on the mend? Do you think Fitz and Olivia’s happily ever after will be together or should Olivia stick to being on her own?

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