Once Upon a Time: Will leaving Neal behind come back to haunt the Charmings?

Mar 31, 2016 at 3:43 p.m. ET
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There's no doubt that Snow and David love their children, but they continue to repeat the bad habit of leaving their kids. Of course, it's out of love and channeling their inner heroes to always do the right thing. However, it definitely happens way too often — and probably more than they like.

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First, to save Emma from Regina's Dark Curse, they sent her away through the wardrobe and separated themselves from their firstborn. They definitely paid the ultimate price for that, but it all worked out in the end.

Snow, David and Emma have never been closer. However, can the same be said for Neal, the Charmings' son? Now that they are off on a crusade in the Underworld, what's to become of their second born?

While chatting with TV Line, Josh Dallas (who plays David) said that it just might come back to haunt them. He admitted, "Yeah, it’s not the best parenting choice. It’s not a great thing that they left him behind, and they’re feeling that." Dallas also added that not only are they "being pulled in many, many directions," but their decision to leave Neal behind "might bite them in the ass."

Snow and Neal
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Is this some type of foreshadowing? Or is Dallas just speculating? Now that they are kind of trapped in the Underworld and still figuring out a way to defeat Hades, things certainly aren't looking up for any of them. You know what that means? There's always a chance that Snow and David will be separated from Neal forever. I highly doubt that will happen, but it's a possibility, especially if one or both of them can't escape the fiery realm.

OUAT co-creator Adam Horowitz also dished to TVLine about their situation and said, "There certainly are consequences to that sort of headstrong jump into the Underworld, where they left a child behind. There are some really emotional things they’re going to have to deal with because of that."

They are putting themselves in a tough position, because not only are they trying to be there for Emma and help her save Hook, but they are also doing the one thing they never wanted to do ever again — separate themselves from their child. "They don’t want to make a mistake like they did the first time with Emma," Dallas told TVLine.

Well, here's hoping Snow and Charming get out of the Underworld safely so they can return to Neal. Until then, answer me this: Who the heck is taking care of Neal?

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