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Celeb 101: Get to know Katie Nehra, Anna Kendrick’s new co-star

You may not recognize her name just yet, but you will soon. Katie Nehra is an actress, screenwriter, fashion designer and overall, jack-of-all-trades. Since she’s co-starring in the upcoming film Mr. Right, opposite Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell, we thought it was about time we got to know her a little more.

SheKnows: Who’s the most positive influence in your life?

Katie Nehra: My father. One of his best pieces of advice is, “Always look forward, not back. Focus on what’s ahead of you and not to worry about what is behind you now.”

SK: How do you define feminism?

KN: Feminism to me is being true to oneself and recognizing that there will always be obstacles, but more importantly, finding ways to work around them.

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SK: What’s your favorite character or physical trait about yourself?

KN: I am incredibly honest and know how to think on my feet.

SK: Who have people told you you look like in the past?

KN: Uma Thurman.

Katie Nehra & Uma Thurman
Image: WENN

SK: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a creative career?

KN: I saw a movie about pirates, as a child, and I wanted to be one!

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SK: How do you unwind and comfort yourself when you’ve had a bad day?

A hot bath, snuggle with my dog Arthur and Key and Peele.

SK: Where do you find the most inspiration?

KN: I find inspiration in people who take risks, whether it be in art, fashion or politics.

SK: What’s the hardest struggle you’ve encountered in your career?

KN: Not letting the no’s get in the way of yes’s.

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SK: Tell us about one role you auditioned for in the past and really wanted but didn’t get.

KN: I really wanted to be in the last Woody Allen film, but obviously, he missed my calls.

SK: In your wildest dreams, where are you in 10 years?

KN: I have a family and am making more movies!

Don’t miss Katie Nehra’s film Mr. Right being released on April 8. Also, be sure to check out her successful line of bespoke leather jackets and shrunken lettermans, which have been worn by huge stars like Mary Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe.

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