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Kim Kardashian & Lil’ Kim’s Carpool Karaoke has fans scratching their heads

Kim Kardashian must be a James Corden fan, because she’s getting in on the Carpool Karaoke game. Kardashian drove around with Lil’ Kim and her former publicist Tracy Nguyen last night, singing to some of the rapper’s most famous hits. Kim Kardashian knows the words to “Benjamins,” you guys.
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The videos come just in time for the release of Lil’ Kim Season, a mixtape made up of previously released tracks and remakes of popular hip-hop songs. “It always seems like it’s a time every year when everyone’s either playing my music or paying homage with some of my most iconic looks,” she tells Billboard of her album concept.
Lil Kim spoke to Billboard about returning to music after a hiatus for motherhood. “For a long time, my focus was my baby,” she says. “I wasn’t thinking about music at all, and my focus was just raising my baby. Now that she’s 19 months and she’s going to be 2 this summer, she’s motivating me to do music again. We play music all the time and she’s always dancing.” Of course, it also helps to have other famous moms — we see you, Kim Kardashian — in your corner when you’re promoting a new album.

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With all of Kardashian’s famous friends, we wouldn’t mind if this became a regular feature on her Instagram. Sorry, James Corden!

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