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Why Jessica Chastain’s avoiding relationships with Hollywood bachelors

Gender equality, or shall we say inequality, has long been a controversial topic in Hollywood. Women are treated like second-class citizens once they reach a certain age, and despite their talent, they are often paid much less than their male counterparts.

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These gross double standards are, unfortunately, nothing new, but brave actresses like Jessica Chastain are lending their voices to the cause and bringing about awareness, and hopefully in time, change.

Speaking in the summer edition of Porter magazine, Chastain discussed her views on gender equality and her own personal experience with sexism.

“When you have both genders represented, then you have a healthier point of view,” Chastain told the publication, Daily Mail reports. “You don’t feel a hierarchy; you don’t have anyone feeling like they are being left out or bullied or humiliated. Sometimes, being the only girl on a set, you can feel like a sexual object.”

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This is not the first time Chastain has discussed the double standards that exist in the industry, and it most probably will not be the last, but during her interview, she also touched on her personal life and the reason why she prefers not to date famous men.

“I’ve never dated anyone famous. I had time before this happened to really watch the industry,” she said. “I want to be able to have my family and have this normalcy and go see a play and not have the audience watching me watch the play.”

She may at times crave a sense of normalcy, but Chastain would never change her career path.

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“I never dreamed what my wedding dress would look like… but I always dreamed about my Oscars dress,” she exclaimed.

We applaud Chastain for speaking out about the prejudices and sexism that women in Hollywood (and in society as a whole) are forced to endure, and we hope her words inspire change.

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