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Ariel Winter doesn’t deserve the hate she gets on her Instagram pictures

Ariel Winter has come under fire in recent weeks — and it’s because the teenage star has been sharing more revealing pictures of her body.

Winter has made it evident that she’s proud of her curves, and she has chosen to share them on social media. But, as to be expected with all public figures, she has attracted her fair share of critics who have been quick to slam her for her latest picture.

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Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Winter posted a picture of herself wearing a black high-neck body suit and a coat as she sat on a bench at Château de Marouatte, a 14th-century fortified castle located on an estate in the Dordogne region of Perigord Vert in France.
In the image, Winter shows off her bare legs and her new tattoo (which can be seen just above her hip). She captioned the image with “Peep tattoo 1 of 3” and thanked tattoo artist Doctor Woo Tattoo for his work. She also tagged her boyfriend, Laurent Claude Gaudette, for the photo credit.

Some critics find the picture lacking in class. Comments include one from hwooddrive, who wrote, “This chick has no class, or grace. After that show she’s on is done, she is done.”

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Santimendez1991 shared similar sentiments, writing, “She is getting crazier as she gets older.”

However, what’s worse is that Winter has been body-shamed for the image, but her fans have reacted to the nasty remarks in the best way possible.

“Disregard all this ‘fat’ nonsense,” kwitgotaw wrote. “You are by any measure destroyingly [sic] beautiful. i’m honestly sorry for all the bullshit you have to put up with. you deserve better. @arielwinter.”

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Marie_rust also came to Winter’s defense, writing, “…there is no standard, no matter where you live in this world, on how a body looks like or ‘should’ look like. Stop body-shaming.”

She’s right: There’s absolutely no one “perfect” body, and just because someone doesn’t fit into a mold does not mean they are any less beautiful or should be made to feel as such.

We’re sure Winter is perfectly capable of defending herself against trolls, but it’s great to see she has fans who respect her.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Laurent Claude Gaudette slideshow
Image: Brian To/WENN

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