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Lamar Odom’s quick recovery might not be great news

Lamar Odom is back on his feet, enjoying life in LA again. As great as it is to see him healthy, there is a small part of me that thinks we should be worried about his speedy recovery. His decline from Khloé Kardashian’s sweet, loving husband to overdosing in Las Vegas was so quick and unexpected that a quick recovery without healing what was really wrong seems like a terrible plan.

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Just this past week, Odom was seen celebrating Easter with the Kardashians, at a bar by himself and attending the Lakers/Heat game at the Staples Center. On their own, there’s no real cause for concern, but when you think about them happening all within the span of a few days, it seems like a lot. His recent activities look a lot like his old life — before he went into a downward spiral.

Admittedly, we don’t see what Odom does when he isn’t in the public, and perhaps all of that time is being spent reflecting and working on healing whatever drove him to his overdose. But when he starts going to bars alone, it doesn’t look like much has changed. And it’s heartbreaking to see because so many people are pulling for him to do well.

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Millions of basketball fans and Kardashian fans alike want Odom to come back better than ever. We all want to see the Odom we know and love, especially because it means so much to Khloé.

This past year, she’s sent heartbreaking tweets, given emotional interviews and posted cryptic Instagrams, all talking about the turmoil the back and forth with Odom has caused. The fact that she’s stood by him this entire time proves how much she loves him, and unfortunately, his recent actions show that it may not be enough to make him want to change.

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Hopefully, he is only enjoying himself and isn’t on a slippery slope back toward depression and isolation. Everyone is pulling for his success.

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