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Iggy Azalea got cheated on — and she’s just happy everyone knows

An undercover video taken of Nick Young bragging about cheating on fiancée Iggy Azalea that could potentially humiliate Young and ruin the couple’s relationship leaked on the Internet this week, but Azalea’s not sweating it. In fact, she took to Twitter on Tuesday to thank D’Angelo Russell — the director behind the clip and Young’s Los Angeles Lakers teammate — for shooting the video.

Obviously, Azalea is probably less than stoked that the world knows that she was cheated on, but we’re gonna interpret the tweet to mean she’s just glad that Young will probably be tried and convicted in the court that is social media.

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But while Azalea may be reveling in the fact that Young’s alleged philandering ways were outed by his teammate, his teammates and sports fans don’t necessarily share her point of view. Many are bashing Russell for divulging locker-room secrets — an ultimate sports no-no.
ESPN also reports that Russell’s teammates are so upset with him that he’s being isolated, and it’s affecting the team’s performance. However, it seems that those close to the controversy believe that Russell didn’t directly leak the clip, and Lakers management will sit down with Young and Russell to sort things out as soon as possible, according to TMZ.

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But is it Russell’s fault that Young got caught bragging about his indiscretions? Literally, yes, but it sure seems like Young should be taking just as much heat for being a cheater as Russell is for being a snitch. While it is a little shady that Russell was recording Young without his knowledge, Young probably shouldn’t have been boasting about stepping out on his bride-to-be in the first place

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What do you think? Is Russell the shady one, or is it good the world now knows of Young’s true character? Check out the footage and let us know in the comments.

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