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9 things to know about Netflix’s new original series The Ranch

Netflix is kind of ruling the whole entertainment thing lately, and their new show The Ranch looks like it will be another win for the streaming company. Here are eight things you should know about the show.

1. It stars Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson

The Ranch
Image: Greg Gayne / Netflix

That’s right, the best bros from That ’70s Show are now playing real brothers in Netflix’s new comedy. Kutcher told The New York Times that he and Masterson have remained close since That ’70s Show went off the air, “So it’s a reunion for the public, but for us it’s just another day.”

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2. The football tie-in

Kutcher plays a former high school football player returning home after a disappointing semi-pro career. He left the family ranch to conquer sports, but never hit the big time the way he thought he would. That disappointment, along with the false bravado he’s created to cope with his failures, contribute to a somewhat rocky re-entry to his life back home.

3. Created by Two and a Half Men writer/producer team

But don’t let that deter you! No, seriously — Two and a Half Men‘s famously male-centric humor does show up in The Ranch, but the creative team also gives attention to its female characters in a bid to avoid turning them into mere eye candy/fodder for jokes.

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4. Debra Winger and Sam Elliot costar

The Ranch
Image: Greg Gayne / Netflix

Talk about a power couple! The two play Kutcher’s sort-of-separated parents (because, honestly, could you really stay away from Sam Elliot for too long?)

As Kutcher explained to the Times, “We wanted a father type with gravitas because it allows you to say whatever you want, to get dramatic and still make it funny. You know the feeling that no matter how old your dad gets, he can always whip your ass? Sam is that guy.” These two are going to be killing it together.

5. It’s a show for the “heartland”

According to Kutcher, who grew up in a super-small town in Iowa, The Ranch portrays blue-collar characters with honesty and respect. Kutcher told the Times that, “Rather than make fun of the views of that audience, we decided to speak to them and their belief in God and country,” remarking that doing so also felt very suited to our current economic times.

“I was raised in a town with a little more than 100 people, so I’m pretty familiar with ranching and farming,” Kutcher explained. “I also know that the heartland isn’t always represented correctly in the media, and nobody really makes content for them.”

6. It’s a comedy with heart

The Ranch
Image: Greg Gayne/Netflix

Although the show is a comedy, The Ranch still leaves plenty of room for heartfelt family drama, which means you’ll do more than just laugh along as Kutcher stumbles his way through his new life as the returning not-so-golden boy.

7. Episodes are 30 minutes

Which means The Ranch is totally binge-able.

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8. Uncensored language

Since the show is on Netflix, obsenities aren’t taboo. This means the show may not be appropriate for all ages, depending on your parenting style, but it’s not the goal of the show’s writers to turn you off. Rather, they want to use language that reflects a more casual (and perhaps authentic?) speaking style.

9. A live audience

The Ranch
Image: Greg Gayne/Netflix

The Ranch was filmed in front of a live audience, so you won’t be subjected to any of that canned laughter you expect from sitcoms. It’s also a multi-camera show, so it feels intimate.

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