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Chrisley Knows Best takes a controversial stance on college

College is basically a given for kids these days. You graduate from high school, and you go to college, whether or not you know what you want to do. But for Chase Chrisley, that plan isn’t quite working out.

In the newest episode of Chrisley Knows Best, he complains that his current general education classes aren’t helpful and decides to branch out to gain useful experience at an internship.

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As per usual, the hilarious hijinks ensue. First, his dad, Todd Chrisley, barges into his interview to talk to Chase’s potential employer. Then once he gets the job, he’s got to be an animal babysitter. And not just regular animals. I’m talking kangaroos and llamas. Ultimately, Chase decides animal wrangling isn’t for him either and starts his own show on the Atlanta public broadcasting channel.

It’s all a very silly take on a very serious underlying issue: Should college be a given?

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Most of the time, we assume general education classes are a way to explore different subjects until the student lands on a major they’re passionate about, but when you stop to think about that, it sounds a little ridiculous. We’re all basically encouraging kids to waste two years of their life, jumping from subject to subject, never actually working toward anything.

Chase could be onto something more meaningful. Instead of generalized classes, students could spend those two years working as apprentices. Sure, there may not be any value in cleaning up after a kangaroo, but there is value in jumping into the work environment you’re interested in and deciding whether or not it’s for you. Then you don’t end up being a college graduate with a degree you’ll never use and no experience to get hired somewhere you’ll actually enjoy.

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In this particular episode, Chase was mostly interested in the quickest way he could start earning money, and college classes weren’t that. But it did offer an interesting observation on G.E. classes and how they help or hinder the growth of students.

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