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Kaley Cuoco may have the most resilient heart ever

Kaley Cuoco has a very impressive résumé. In her teens, she starred in 8 Simple Rules with John Ritter, and she’s currently co-starring in mega-hit The Big Bang Theory, but her most impressive skill is her ability to bounce back from heartbreak almost effortlessly.

The actress was spotted with new rumored boyfriend, Karl Cook, at a tennis tournament in California earlier this week. She also posted a playful photo of the two cozied up at a gun range a few days ago with a simple heart emoji as the caption. All signs point to her being finished recovering from her divorce and ready to jump into a new romance!

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Back in September, Cuoco announced that she was getting a divorce from Ryan Sweeting, who she was married to for about a year and a half. She also was engaged once before that. Her dating history is full of whirlwind romances, fast breakups and even faster rebounds. She’s either the most hopeful person or she just doesn’t ever feel heartbreak.

In interviews and other appearances, Cuoco is always bubbly and bright. She never appears to be in a bad mood or particularly sad about anything, even after the news of her divorce broke, which leads me to believe she doesn’t feel anything negative. Ever.

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It’s not that her relationships aren’t significant to her. There’s no doubt she cares for all her boyfriends — she talked endlessly about how wonderful Sweeting was while the two were together. I think she really just has the whole getting-over-someone thing down to a science. And if that’s the case, she needs to write a book ASAP.

Although she hasn’t confirmed a relationship with Cook, the two seem to have all the makings of a great relationship. Both are adorable and accomplished equestrians, and they enjoy tennis. If Cook shows interest in dog adoption and protection, he’s basically Cuoco’s dream man!

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Whether or not this relationship works out, it’s great to see someone who doesn’t let failed relationships stop them from trying again. Cuoco can give us all a little motivation to be more optimistic and resilient when it comes to life’s heartbreaks.

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