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Shadowhunters: 6 reasons Malec happening is important for Alec’s future

After much anticipation, the penultimate Season 1 episode of Shadowhunters finally brought Alec and Magnus together. Ever since the first episode, Alec has struggled with who he is and the feelings he’s felt for both Jace and Magnus. However, that is all now changed and will hugely impact Alec’s future.

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Before Alec and Lydia’s wedding, Magnus sought out Alec to make sure marrying Lydia is what he really wanted. Once again, Alec tried to convince himself and Magnus that he was doing the right thing for himself. Even after making up with Jace and becoming besties/brothers again, Jace told Alec that he had to stay true to himself. That said, if saying “I do” (or whatever Shadowhunters say during a wedding) is what he truly wanted, then Jace would support him.

Well, during the actual wedding ceremony, Magnus walked into the church, which changed Alec’s mind. Not only didn’t he end up marrying Lydia (who was totally fine with it, because she told Alec he deserves happiness), but Alec walked down the aisle and kissed Magnus in front of everyone.

Magnus Bane
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After pressure from his parents, the Clave and even himself, all of the confusion he was feeling and trying to ignore his true emotions, Alec took his life by the reins and followed his heart. It was an important moment for Alec, and here’s why.

1. He can live openly as his true self

There is no more hiding for Alec. Obviously, this is all new to him, so he might struggle here and there, but he can now live an open and free life without all of the stress of trying to cover up who he truly is.

2. He’ll learn so much about who he really is

This is a different type of journey for Alec, which will also be a learning experience for him. He is going to see himself in a new light and look at life differently, all while discovering who he really is.

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3. He’ll become a great role model for others

Alec’s story line will surely impact others on the show and those in real life who have found themselves in similar situations. When you see a character like Alec coming into his own and learning to not be ashamed of who he is, it’s a wonderful thing. There’s no doubt many will look up to Alec and find inspiration from him.

4. He can actually be happy

Have you ever seen Alec smile more than he did after kissing Magnus? I can only imagine that a huge weight was lifted and now Alec can experience happiness like it should always be experienced.

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5. He’ll get to experience real love

Alec deciding to marry Lydia wasn’t for love, but to restore honor to his family name. Now that Alec has decided to follow his heart, he can hopefully experience what real love is, which he definitely deserves.

6. He’ll greatly impact his family’s history

There are many who support Alec for exactly who he is, including his sister Izzy, Jace, Clary, Lydia, Simon and, of course, Magnus. As for his parents, well, his father is warming up to everything, so at least he’s trying. His mother, on the other hand, is disgusted that her son could be so selfish by choosing himself over his own family. By Alec standing up for himself, he is showing others to accept themselves is the most honorable thing he could’ve done for his family. Just imagine how much Alec’s decision will impact his family’s history from here on out.

The Shadowhunters Season 1 finale airs Monday, April 5 at 9/8c on Freeform.

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