I’m so over the RHOBH fake illness theme with Yolanda Foster

When the initial previews for Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were released, I noticed a familiar theme: people accusing an allegedly ill cast member of faking a disease. This time, instead of Brooks Ayers, the culprit was Yolanda Foster, who, admittedly, is a lot more likable than her RHOC counterpart. Nevertheless, the fake illness thing quickly became just as annoying on RHOBH as it had been on RHOC.

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This time, instead of Meghan Edmonds, Lisa Rinna is the one firing the accusations. But she’s not quite as forthright in her condemning of Yolanda Foster, and she’s just as eager to accuse everybody else of foul play. Thus, RHOBH is all of the accusations with none of the research — and Edmonds’ sleuthing was the one thing that made RHOC‘s fake illness storyline interesting.

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Unfortunately, even when Foster is out of the picture, the bickering continues. During last night’s episode, the talk was not so much about whether or not Foster has Lyme disease, but rather, who implied that she might have faked it. This is also a familiar theme, unfortunately, as several episodes have revolved around whether certain cast members have supported Foster’s journey.

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If there’s one difference between RHOBH and RHOC, it’s that Foster still has supporters, while Ayers really only ever had Vicki Gunvalson on his side. And even she turned on him by the time the reunion had arrived. Yes, there was some initial resistance to Edmonds’ prying, but the other ladies eventually gave in. RHOBH, on the other hand, has a lot of bickering over who said what — and it’s all very confusing. At least RHOC was reasonably easy to follow.

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Bravo has gone way too far with the whole fake illness thing. At this point, most of us really don’t care if Ayers has cancer or Foster has Lyme disease. We just want our favorite Real Housewives shows to move on and develop a few new plotlines. Is that too much to ask? Twitter users certainly don’t think so. Many voiced their disgust during last night’s episode:

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