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Holly Frazier is Dance Moms‘ only good role model

The ladies of Dance Moms have always been prone to petty drama, but their behavior just gets worse as the show continues. Once off-limits, the dancers are now subject to heavy criticism, and not just about being Abby Lee Miller’s favorite. The moms are outright trashing the girls these days, something Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland would never have dreamed of doing.

Dance Moms
Image: Lifetime

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Lukasiak and Hyland may no longer be on the show, but at least one of the original mothers is still around to enforce the early unwritten code of conduct. After Brynn Rumfallo’s mom Ashlee Allen badmouthed Kendall Vertes (and after Vertes talked back to her), fan favorite Holly Frazier got the moms together to talk through the situation. She voiced her concerns regarding the malicious turn the show has taken and how she’s worried that the moms’ petty behavior is negatively impacting their kids.

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As always, Dr. Holly was right. Teens and preteens have to deal with plenty of drama — the last thing they need is to face constant criticism from both their teacher and their friends’ mothers. Ashlee Allen is by no means the only offender — pretty much everybody except original moms Melissa Gisoni and Holly Frazier has made a habit of criticizing the show’s dancers, either behind their backs or directly to their faces. This is simply not OK.

Holly Frazier
Image: Lifetime

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At one time, viewers could always take solace in knowing that, no matter how crazy their moms were, the dancers could be counted on to behave in a civilized manner. That appears to be changing. Fortunately, there is still one good role model, and she received a lot of praise on Twitter tonight.
Holly Frazier is a very refreshing presence on Dance Moms. She and her daughter may not receive the appreciation they deserve at the ALDC, but viewers have definitely noticed their level-headed behavior and sense of compassion. Sadly, the other moms aren’t willing to follow Frazier’s example and ease up on the girls, so it’s not likely that her wise words are going to have a lasting impact.

What did you think of Holly Frazier’s response to tonight’s Dance Moms drama? Is she a good role model for her daughter and the other ALDC girls? Comment and share your opinion below.

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