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Olivia Wilde’s 23-month-old son is the cutest damn kid

Big blue eyes: check. Cute little teeth: check. Sparkling personality: double check. It’s official, Olivia Wilde’s little boy Otis is pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

Wilde took to Instagram early this week to post a picture of Otis, whose dad is SNL‘s Jason Sudeikis, as he sits smiling in the dentist’s chair. That’s right, smiling sweetly in a dentist’s chair. Who does that?

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“Better behaved than I’ve ever been at the dentist,” Wilde wrote in the caption for the picture. “Guess they gave him the good drugs.”

Wilde’s followers were pretty much freaking out at the cuteness overload — and even expressed a little jealousy about Otis’ sweet miniature Jordans.

“He’s SO ADORABLE! How do you not just snuggle him every second?!! Good job behaving for the dentist, Otis. I’m sure he appreciated no finger biting,” commented one Instagram user, while another echoed, “OH MY GOSH CUTEST LITTLE MAN EVER. I knew they’d make a cute baby.”

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Fans were just delighted to catch a glimpse of Otis’ cute little mug, considering most of his appearances on Wilde’s social media are set up to give the little guy some privacy.

It’s safe to say Wilde probably appreciated all the love, considering she got blasted for posting a pic of Otis’ tiny naked tushie just three months ago.

We’re not sure how anyone could have anything bad to say about pictures of Otis, regardless of his attire (or lack thereof).

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

ed sheeran baby slideshow

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