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Jana Duggar’s great idea gets belittled & hijacked by her older brothers

John-David and Joe Duggar just proved they’re ready to fulfill the grand tradition of Duggar men by pushing around their sister, Jana.

In a new clip for Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Jana comes to her brothers with a backyard project she was excited to bring to life, only to be steamrolled by John-David and Joe.

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“I’ve been trying to come up with some ideas to just encourage the kids to get outside more and just have fun and play out there… Maybe a playhouse, a treehouse, some kind of a structure that they can just go and get their energy out — outside,” Jana explains in an interview before bringing her proposition to her brothers.

She starts out confidently explaining her ideas to John-David and Joe, but as the conversation goes on and her brothers give her a thousand-mile uninterested stare, her voice trails off and her confidence dwindles. “So, yeah, I was thinking something to help the kids be outside a lot versus inside, when the spring and summer time come around,” she says. “I was thinking, like, a tree fort or just a playhouse, or something to, just like, cope with that.”

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Instead of helping their sister run with her project, John-David and Joe belittle her and make it their own.

“Well, after talking with Jana, and she was kind of kicking around [that we could] do a small thing or something, Joe and I kind of were like, ‘Man, we could really do something big,'” John-David says to the camera.

Rather than getting mad, it appears that Jana takes her disappointment in stride and chalks it up to boys being boys.

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“I think they’re kind of just thinking like, ‘Wow, I can make my boyhood dreams come to life now,'” she says. “And so I think they’re kind of supersizing this project.”

Do you think John-David and Joe were rude to their sister? Check out the clip and let us know in the comments.

And before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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