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Dressing like a tramp helps Adele go incognito in public

Being an international superstar comes with some very obvious downsides, one of which is the fact that you can never leave the house without being stopped by an admirer or hounded by the paparazzi. But during a recent outing, superstar Adele managed to go out in public completely undetected.

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Her secret? Dressing like a tramp.

According to the Daily Record, Adele enjoyed a shopping trip at the Glasgow Fort retail and leisure park, where she visited stores like H&M and Asda Living.

She reportedly also bought a toy for her son, Angelo, at toy store Smyths, and shoes for herself at Office, where the store’s assistant manager, Jessica Smith, said, “She was very down to earth. She was nice and friendly.”

Another staff member added, “We didn’t recognise her at first until the person who served her came back and said, ‘Am I really serving Adele?'”

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Adele commented on her shopping trip during her Saturday show at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro, where, according to Daily Star Sunday, she revealed that she was unrecognisable because she dresses a bit “like a tramp.”

I look like a tramp most of the time, which means I don’t need to go out in disguise. People think I’m a hermit, but it’s just because no one recognises me when I go out,” she said.

She may well have been joking (we all know Adele to be a joker at times, and this is one of the reasons we love her), but her comment says something about society and just how invisible the homeless community is to us. If someone as loved and recognizable as Adele can walk around without attracting any attention just because she has chosen to dress down, then it proves that appearance has a significant influence on the way that people perceive us — it is truly sad to be judged only at face value.

It’s great that Adele was able to enjoy some time out and about without being hounded, but her comments should also serve as a reminder that the homeless community should not be perceived as an invisible nuisance, and that they’re in need of our help.

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Luckily, there are countless charities across the U.K. that are trying to do good and help those who find themselves without decent homes and in vulnerable circumstances. If you want to do more, contact foundations such as the Salvation Army, Shelter and Barnardo’s.

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