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Nyle DiMarco films DWTS vlog about being too cool for dancing

Nyle DiMarco has never danced before, but as Dancing with the Stars fans are learning, there’s a reason why he’s able to pick up the moves so quickly. In a vlog for People, DiMarco shares that his twin brother has a background focused in music and dance.

“My twin brother is deaf like me, but he has a DJ business and loves hip-hop,” he said. “So he dances quite a bit. He tried to teach me to dance when I was growing up, but I never took him up on it. I always said, ‘No. I’m going to go play sports’ or something.” It’s refreshing to hear an America’s Next Top Model winner talk about loving sports and being interested in dance (not to mention being deaf.) Diversity in hobbies is key, you guys!

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DiMarco said he’s surprising himself by how well he can dance, especially since he can’t hear the music. “Even though I’m deaf, I think that I should always stay that way,” he said. “Not hear the music and I can dance well.”

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DiMarco is getting rave reviews for his dancing, especially considering his uber-amateur status. Partner Peta Murgatroyd taught DiMarco to dance using a series of cues to mark his movements on the dance floor. “There were a few turning of waists, a little bit of tapping going on, and eye contact,” Murgatroyd told EW. “That’s a great thing to really focus on… that’s a huge part of dancing and communication.”

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