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Chrissy Teigen could be fooling everyone with her baby belly

Chrissy Teigen is at it again. The model tweeted a very vague tweet about April Fools’ and sent Twitter into a frenzy questioning whether or not her pregnancy is real.

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Teigen told her followers that any veteran prankster knows that you have to plant the seeds of your prank now so that it pays off on April Fools’ day. Then she added, “Hell I started months ago.” It was that part that led people to question if she was talking about her pregnancy and we’ll all be pranked on Friday when there isn’t a Baby Legend on the way.

It’s highly unlikely that she would joke about something as big as her pregnancy, especially when you consider all the drama and heartbreak associated with it. But it’s hilarious that she took the opportunity to mess with people anyway. As someone who takes a lot of heat on Twitter, it’s probably incredibly entertaining to be able to mess with people for a change. I imagine that she and John Legend are somewhere laughing at everyone’s responses to her tweet.

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Some fans have caught on to the ridiculousness of the situation and have started adding to the story. Some even guessed that she is pregnant, but the prank is that she will actually become the mother of a dragon instead of the baby girl. Which is Twitter acting as its best self — a place for completely random interactions between regular people and megastars.

It’ll be fun to see what exactly Teigen has up her sleeve for her real April Fools’ prank and what lie we’ve all been buying for months.

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Do you have a prediction for what Teigen could be planning for April Fools’? Let me know!

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