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Jenelle Evans has yet another troubled boyfriend on her hands

At this point, two things are clear: Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has truly terrible taste in men and the North Carolina Police Department may know the men better than she does. Evans’ newest boyfriend, David Eason, was arrested this morning and taken into custody for a domestic violence protection order violation.

Eason was at the local grocery store when he ran into his son and baby mama. Allegedly, Eason gave his son a hug when they saw each other, which violated the “no contact” order against him.

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There are many levels of wrong in this story.

The first major warning sign Evans might want to consider is that Eason has a domestic violence protection order against him. Sure, everyone makes mistakes. But it should be fairly obvious that someone with domestic violence charges is someone who you date with extreme caution. Most of us call that a red flag. Especially if his ex is so cautious that she would call the police and report him when he hugs his son in the grocery store.

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But let’s just say that Eason isn’t a violent person. He’s also been convicted of breaking and entering and larceny. Let’s call those red flags No. 2 and 3.

Evans’ terrible romantic choices aren’t new, but what I want to know is where are her friends and family? She has to have someone in her inner circle telling her to put a pause on her dating life, doesn’t she?

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If not, please allow me to be your friend for a second, Jenelle. Maybe 2016 is your single year? Take this time to focus on yourself and your children. You could travel, focus on your career, finish your degree — anything but dating. Because you’re better than this drama. And people want better for you.

What do you think? Will Jenelle ever find a new type?

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