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Teresa Giudice trains for a new job that’ll help her find inner peace

Teresa Giudice is taking full advantage of what she learned in prison. The reality star became a fan of yoga while behind bars and vowed to make time for it once she got out. She is now making good on that promise and has enrolled herself in classes to become an instructor.

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While in prison, Giudice woke up every morning and practiced yoga for a few hours. Her passion and love for it happened immediately — she even went as far as saying it changed her life. But after being released from prison, she sort of lost her focus on the exercise. Between reuniting with her family and going on a book tour, there wasn’t as much focus on yoga.

She mentioned to E! News while promoting her book, “I want to get certified, but I’m not doing it as much because I’m working nonstop.”

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Well she’s officially followed through with that plan and has taken the first steps toward her certification. On Monday, she shared a photo on her Instagram that is her with other yoga certification hopefuls. The caption of her post reads, “With Erin Barry #nirvana #TeacherTraining2016 #adjustmentworkshop #authenticisthenewspritual.”

And this is just the beginning for Giudice. In her book, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again, she outlines plans for a whole line of products, including clothes and DVDs. I’m inclined to believe that she’ll get there, because everything that she’s set out to do, she’s done.

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With her husband, Joe Giudice, away for his prison sentence, Teresa will have time to dedicate to her practice. Hopefully, she’ll be able to juggle her certification, a new business and her four daughters while Joe is away. If all goes well, this will be a great ending to an otherwise very sad story.

Good luck to you, Teresa!

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