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Girls‘ Marnie episode reveals the shocking truth about Charlie

Warning: Major spoilers ahead. If you haven’t yet watched Girls Season 5, Episode 6, you might want to proceed with caution.

Sunday’s Girls episode, “The Panic in Central Park,” was so crazy it’s hard to know where to start. First, Charlie appears out of nowhere, and the fact that Christopher Abbott — who was rumored to have had a huge falling-out with Lena Dunham — even came back is shocking in itself, but when you add on top of that what the character of Charlie has evolved into, well, it’s a lot to take in.

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Gone is the happy-go-lucky, motivated, clean-cut nice guy, and in his place is a bearded, Canadian Tuxedo-wearing, coke-snorting, jaded man-child. Basically, Charlie is a shell of his former self — not that fans weren’t glad to see him again, even if it was only to reunite with Marnie for one night.

As hard as it was to process all the information thrown at us about Charlie, this episode was really all about Marnie. Fed up with Desi, Marnie heads out into the night with her eyes still closed. She ignores Charlie’s obvious drug problem, deciding instead to forge ahead and make the evening about fun and romance. But by the end of her encounter with her ex, Marnie’s world starts crumbling down around her — in the best way possible.

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It’s a revelation. Marnie finally realizes that her shit does indeed stink, and she may not be the worldly person she always believed she was.

Viewers took to Twitter to sing the praises of the episode, and to proclaim their love for Marnie — the character who, up until now, was always the one fans loved to hate.

Now that Marnie’s eyes are open, it’s exciting to think about what could be next for her.

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What did you think about Girls‘ Marnie and Charlie episode?

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