Gwen Stefani reveals how she'd react if one of her sons were gay

Mar 28, 2016 at 10:45 a.m. ET
Image: Michael Wright/

Gwen Stefani is a mother to three young sons, Kingston, Zuma and toddler Apollo, and during an interview with ProudSource, she opened up about her love for them and how she would embrace them regardless of their sexuality.

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"I would be blessed with a gay son. You know that I would feel blessed about that," she told the publication. "I just want my boys to be happy and healthy, and I just ask God to guide me every day to be a good mother because it is not an easy job."

She continued, explaining that as a mother the only thing that really matters is her children's well-being.

"I've been lucky enough to have such a blessed life," she said. "I've been able to travel the world and meet so many different kinds of people. And it doesn't really matter if you're gay, straight, whatever. There are good and bad people, and I would be happy. I just want my kids to be happy, and whatever journey God gives them is their journey. I just need to be there to be the most supportive mom that I can be, and that's what I'm gonna be."

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Stefani's comments are so important, and it's wonderful to know that she would be such a supportive mom.

In the months since her divorce, Stefani has been focused on spending as much time as possible with her sons and is open to letting them explore their feminine sides, something she has received intense criticism for in the past.

However, Stefani realizes the importance of allowing her children to express themselves. She addressed the criticism during the interview, saying, "... Of course, everyone's gonna have their perspective and their opinion, and I know what's real and what's honest and true, and that's really all that matters to me and all that's important. So, it doesn't really bother me. As long as my boys are protected and happy and I'm spending quality time with them, whether it's doing sports or doing nails, it really doesn't matter."

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Do you agree with Gwen Stefani's comments? Do you think she's setting a great example being so open-minded? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.