6 must-see films starring old Hollywood’s sweetheart Doris Day

Doris Day was the number one female box office star in the ’50s and ’60s. She has a presence like sunshine and a voice like heaven. She’s a singing sensation, beloved beauty, animal humanitarian — and so much more.

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April 3 marks Ms. Day’s 92nd birthday. Day won the hearts of millions as the quintessential girl next door, starring alongside some of Hollywood’s most handsome leading men. Most known for her songbird voice and iconic romantic comedies, her roles showed her uncanny ability to make you feel something no matter what character she played. Sometimes, she didn’t even have to say anything to move you.

True triple-threat stars like her don’t exist anymore. So take a sentimental journey and celebrate this lady legend with six of her must-see flicks.

1. Pillow Talk (1959)

Share a party line with sophisticated and single Jane Morrow and playboy composer Brad Allen (Rock Hudson) in the film that made Day box-office royalty. Smart, fresh and fun, this bubbly sex comedy will have you coming back for more of Day and Hudson’s charming chemistry — a match made in silver screen heaven.

If you love this one, you’ll also enjoy Lover Come Back

2. Love Me or Leave Me (1955)

Take the stage with ’20s torch singer Ruth Etting through her volatile journey from back-alley club entertainer to the toast of Broadway. In this Oscar-nominated role, Day ditches her good-girl image and gives a powerfully profound performance that will move you to tears.

If you love this one, you’ll also enjoy Young at Heart

3. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)

“Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.” You’ve undoubtedly heard the song. Now see the thrilling story behind it. Join Jo McKenna in her desperate and distressed search for her son who was stolen on a family vacation in Morocco.

If you love this one, you’ll also enjoy Midnight Lace

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4. The Thrill of It All (1963)

Be a part of housewife Beverly Boyer’s fast rise to fame after she inadvertently lands a commercial gig. While she’s away, comedic chaos ensues at home as her handsome doctor husband (James Garner) attempts to adjust to her celebrity. Ahead of its time in confronting gender roles, this film bubbles with fresh fun that the whole family can enjoy.

If you love this one, you’ll also enjoy Move Over, Darling

5. That Touch of Mink (1962)

Jet set from one glamorous location to the next with innocent Cathy Timberlake and debonair millionaire Phillip Shayne (Cary Grant). She’s looking for the love of a lifetime, while he’s searching for a fling. Day’s knack for physical comedy shines as much as the seducing script.

If you love this one, you’ll also enjoy Teacher’s Pet

6. Send Me No Flowers(1964)

Go on a pill-popping romp of marital misunderstandings. When hypochondriac George Kimball (Rock Hudson) believes he’s dying, he plots to find a suitable new husband for his loving wife Judy, leading to numerous complications. An immortal sitcom-style flick, Day and Hudson are in full bloom in their final onscreen pairing.

If you love this one, you’ll also enjoy With Six You Get Eggroll

Once you spend some time with Ms. Day, you’ll fall in love with her too — it’s impossible not to. With a presence that can brighten a room and a genuine charm that will warm your heart, she’s a true treasure, and there will never be anyone like her again.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Day.

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