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5 reasons you need to watch Quit Your Day Job

I was a bit skeptical to add another entrepreneurship competition show to my TV lineup. Often turned off by the curt nature and all-business approach taken by investors, and having to watch contestants retreat in tears, I was definitely guarded. When I was asked to watch Quit Your Day Job, premiering on Oxygen on March 30, I swallowed hard and braced myself for a similar competition.

It took only five minutes of watching for me to realize that this show was very different from the others.

Not only did the investors of Quit Your Day Job entertain some amazing business ideas, they also invested personally in those who created them, a perk uncharacteristic of any of the other shows. I was touched by the way investment decisions were made by faith in one’s innovation and abilities instead of the products themselves. As with all competition shows, contestants experience disappointment and eliminations are made, but the rewards received by the chosen few contestants appear much greater than those I’d previously seen.

You need not be working on a patent or your own line of clothing to appreciate the process of this show, nor have a container full of prototypes in your closet to understand the concept of innovation. In fact, if I could choose a group that I’d really want to watch this show, I’d choose young women, women off to college or soon to be, to help reinforce that they can be — and do — anything.

1. The show is empowering

Though the show is not geared solely towards female entrepreneurs, it’s woman-empowering. In entrepreneurship, a sector of business often dominated by men, it is refreshing to see the passion other women have to create their own businesses. It is also inspiring to see the investors, the women especially, who have beaten the odds to become successful.

2. It inspires creativity

I loved the fact that instead of offering a solid yes or no to a business on the spot (like other shows), the investors assist the entrepreneurs with their pitches and product lines before offering money and support. Through this mentorship, entrepreneurs are given solid foundations on which to build their businesses.

3. The show is encouraging

Quit Your Day Job inspires all of us to follow our dreams. Jamilah Lang, one of the show’s first contestants, was turned down 38 times before she received her first yes. How many of us would still be up and fighting after 38 rejections? This show may inspire a person working hard on her own dreams to continue making them a reality.

4. It makes us believe we can

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, ages and races and from differing social circumstances. The show teaches us that all that means nothing. If you feel your ideas may not be heard based on your age, race, background or product, Quit Your Day Job assures you they can.

5. There may be more than one winner

Instead of having one entrepreneur go home with a trophy, a deal and financial backing to start their busines, there’s potential for more than one entrepreneur to win the prize. Quit Your Day Job shows us that the odds of our own success might be greater than we think.

Quit Your Day Job is an inspiring series. It gives us hope that we can break through to certain success, and that our dreams are worth fighting for. So, grab your girlfriends, sisters and daughters and tune in. You’ll be so glad you did.

Quit Your Day Job premieres March 30th at 10/9c

This post is sponsored by Oxygen.

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