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Quantico: Alex’s new partnership is destined to go horribly awry

Anyone else watching tonight’s episode of Quantico feel like their head is spinning? Between the gruesome attack on Quantico’s campus and Parrish’s terrorist-driven plot to sneak pills into Senator Haas’ purse, tonight’s episode was a doozy.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

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Ever since the mid-season return, we’ve been scratching our heads, wondering why Parrish doesn’t just tell the FBI that the terrorist has her number. Not only did Parrish (seemingly) lose Vasquez to the terrorist’s scheme, but now all of her friends are in danger.

And yet, in tonight’s episode, Parrish was still taking orders from the terrorist… Until, finally, she confided in someone at the bureau.

But not just anyone… She confided in Agent Booth’s ex-wife. Can you say drama?

Hannah has had it out for Parrish ever since she broke Booth’s heart. As Parrish’s new boss, things have been super-uncomfortable. And yet, Parrish has been able to sneak around at the terrorist’s beck and call, making audiences wonder if Hannah’s feelings were blinding her to seeing that Parrish has been acting crazy.

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But, just when it seemed that Parrish was destined to get fired, Hannah looked into her story and decided to believe her. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything is going to be smooth sailing from here. In fact, with their shared romantic history, odds are pretty good that it’s only going to get rockier.

After all, Parrish is still totally in love with Booth, Booth is still totally in love with Parrish, and Hannah knows that it’s only going to lead to more heartbreak… Not exactly ideal conditions for a healthy crime-fighting partnership in the midst of another potential terrorist attack.

In addition to this unexpected alliance, after weeks of skulking around, we finally discovered what Caleb’s really been up to, and it just goes to show that you shouldn’t take anything you’ve seen in the show for granted. It seems that Shelby’s parents are alive after all, and Caleb is the mastermind who figured it all out.

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And, as explosive as these revelations are, they almost pale in comparison to the attack on Quantico’s campus, which happened because Agent Shaw’s son helped a terrorist cell plan an attack. Can you seriously handle all the twists and turns?

Basically, this show is so wild that none of the characters can be trusted and everything can change in an instant… which is just the way we like it and all the more reason to believe Parrish’s new alliance is going to make things even wilder.

Tune in to Quantico, Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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