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The Walking Dead: 7 crazy theories about Maggie’s baby

It’s been a stressful few weeks in The Walking Dead‘s fictional town of Alexandria, which our heroes currently call home. Last week, we lost good Dr. Denise and Carol skipped town, too. As for this week, well, where do I start?

Following Carol’s discreet disappearance during the cover of night, Rick and Morgan hop in a car to go track her down. After Daryl tears off on his motorcycle — clearly on a mission to get vengeance for Denise — Michonne, Glenn and Rosita leave the compound to bring him home.

Meanwhile, Maggie is left to watch the vehicle carrying her husband become a mere dot on the horizon. Watching him leave undoubtedly does nothing for the unsettled feeling she’s been fighting lately… the feeling that danger is imminent.

So it seems like a positive development when Enid tells Maggie to take a load off and eat some pickles while Enid covers her watch. Later, Maggie summons Enid again, this time asking Enid to cut her hair — she explains she has to “keep movin'” and she doesn’t want anything to get in her way.

Hmm. That comment was slightly ominous, and it didn’t take long for something bad to occur. Mere moments later, Maggie is doubled over in pain, clutching her pregnant belly and screaming. But since what is actually happening to her remains a mystery at the moment, fans took to Twitter to toss out some theories. Here are seven standouts.

1. The fetus is a walker (swimmer?!) and eating Maggie from the inside out

By far the most popular theory floating around the Twittersphere, and also what my husband guessed as he and I were watching the events unfold.

Ugh, let’s seriously hope this isn’t a viable outcome. I, for one, do not want to see little Glenn Jr. go full Hannibal Lecter on his mommy’s internal organs. Besides, if this were to happen, wouldn’t Maggie also automatically die too? Since Maggie’s haircut in the comics is part of her journey (and not the end), it seems reasonable to hope that she isn’t going to die via zombie baby anytime soon.

2. Enid is a spy and poisoned Maggie

This is intriguing. Last season, there was much speculation about Enid and where her loyalties really were — with the survivors or with the Wolves. Could she now be working for Negan’s Saviors? I can’t imagine her going to such an extreme as poisoning a pregnant woman’s pickles, but I could be wrong.

3. Maggie is having a miscarriage

I find this to be the most plausible explanation for what is happening with Maggie’s baby, but that may be precisely the reason why it isn’t what happens — we know TWD’s preferred medium is unpredictability.

4. Maggie somehow aborted the baby

My first inclination was to scoff at this notion. However, when I think about it for a minute, it actually kind of makes sense. Particularly if you consider it in context of the words Maggie speaks shortly before doubling over: “I have to keep movin’, and I don’t want anything to get in my way.” Hmm. Interesting. But how would Maggie even accomplish such a thing in the first place?

5. The pain Maggie is feeling is premature labor

Obviously, this would not be good. I mean, how far along is she even? She can’t be too far into her second trimester, if that. Some fans posit that, yes, she is in labor and that childbirth will kill her and the baby. Join me in hoping those fans are wrong.

6. It’s some sort of strange sixth sense kicking in

Hey, when you are extremely close to or share a very strong bond with someone, you do develop a certain intuitive sense when it comes to that person. Still, we’ve never seen Maggie have such a visceral reaction to Glenn’s danger before. Hello! Wouldn’t that mean she would have had a heart attack during the whole faux-death/garbage truck debacle?

7. Maggie’s haircut is just that bad

In full disclosure, I don’t think the haircut is bad. Aside from the fact that Lauren Cohan (who plays Maggie) is a doll and can pull off pretty much anything. But, apparently, if you ask the fetus, it ain’t great.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

The Walking Dead TV vs comic slideshow
Image: AMC

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