Farrah Abraham celebrates Good Friday with nearly naked racy photo

by SheKnows
Mar 25, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. ET
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Farrah Abraham is raising the ire of the internet yet again with a controversially racy new photo — just in time for the holiest holiday of the Christian calendar.

Teen Mom star Abraham posted a photo posing in bunny ears and underwear, accompanied by professional escort Jenna Shea.


"#GoodFriday #Easter #HappyEaster #playboy #bunny #sorrynotsorry #TGIF #Easterweekend From @only1Jshea & I #petercottontail #egghunt #sexyeaster #bunnytail #bunnyears #bunnybutt #farrahabraham #mtv #teenmom," she tagged the photo.

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It is unclear how the two women know each other, but people are definitely reading between the lines and voicing their disgust that Abraham would post an obvious and overtly sexual reference to Easter on Good Friday.

"This human had the audacity to hash tag good friday. If you were really a believer in Jesus Christ, you would at least keep your wore self off His holiday," wrote Instagram user mrs.paulk.

"Seriously disgusting," wrote amandaram.

"Good Friday? Don't bring a religious holiday into a picture of your ass," wrote helenationca.

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The commentary continued on Facebook, where Abraham also posted the photo.

Tabitha Pinkston wrote, "Because that's what Easter is about...Your daughter must be so proud!"

Megan Owen wrote, "I don't usually comment on your nonsense because quite frankly if you want things like this to an example your child has to look at, that's you. But when you go to putting #goodfriday on your provocative pathetic excuse of ‘work' that's where I have a problem. I hope and pray that one day you learn the REAL meaning of Good Friday and that one day your child has a better example than this. Thank goodness that there are still some of us women that know how to take pictures with our clothes ON and that aim to raise our daughters to have more respect for themselves than this!!"

And Nicole Noe wrote, "LMAO.....i love the good Friday hashtag.... This girl really DGAF....i mean that attitude is great for her because she obviously doesn't care, but it really is sad that she doesn't see the perception she gives off to others, and its not a good image...who cares if you have money when no one respects you or takes you seriously."

Perhaps Abraham will try to make up for the transgression by skipping the steak for dinner tonight in favor of some fish.

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