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Grey’s Anatomy: It’s time for Jackson to just give it a rest already

After last week ended in a shocking betrayal when Arizona spilled the beans about April’s baby to Jackson, we knew we’d be dealing with some fallout tonight. And, yowza, were we right.

The episode kicks off with the two presumably picking up the conversation where it left off — April looking totally blindsided by Arizona’s betrayal, and Jackson seething over what he perceives to be April’s betrayal by omission.

April tries to deflect him as she heads into surgery, but Jackson is persistent. He even has someone interrupt her during surgery to see when she would be done. For real, guy? The woman has a human organ in her hands.

When she finally does emerge, Jackson explodes at her, growing more irate by the minute. Did I mention this was in the middle of the busy hospital floor in front of all of their peers? It was not one of Jackson’s finer moments, but I gave him a hall pass in that moment because emotions are clearly running high.

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He’s so emotional, in fact, that he essentially tells April to have fun being the martyr and raising the baby by herself. Which begs the question: Isn’t Jackson acting a bit petulant?

He’s hurt. I understand. But I swear in some of these scenes he comes off like a bratty toddler who is mainly upset he didn’t get his way. This becomes even more readily apparent when he shows up at April’s door toward the end of the episode.

At first, this seems like a good sign, right? Especially when he explains that he came to apologize for “reacting badly” earlier. It seems to be going even better when April also apologizes, explaining very genuinely that she wanted to avoid fighting and wanted to wait until she knew everything was all right.

This is not unreasonable. Any woman who has had a child — and most certainly women who have miscarried — will tell you that those first three months are harrowing. You are on pins and needles until you are out of your first trimester.

For someone like April who already went through one high-risk pregnancy that ended in such a traumatic way, the anxiety must be nearly unbearable. Why add undue stress?

That’s where Jackson should have let it go. If he was authentic in his desire to figure this out, he would have taken April’s apology at face value. But he couldn’t. Rather, he accused her of waiting “until it was too late for us to do something about it.”

To be honest, I’m gettin’ a little tired of this song and dance from him.

For April, abortion is not an option. He knows that about her, fans know that about her, everyone knows that about her and always has. It is not in line with her values and that is her choice. Every woman has the right to a choice when it comes to her body, and April’s choice is to keep her baby.

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Jackson, no matter how much he dislikes that, must honor that choice. While it seems cold for April to tell him “You don’t count here,” she has a point, for starters. I’m all for the father in any pregnancy being involved and having input, but when all is said and done, it is the woman who will carry the child for 40 weeks. And second, he was pushing and she had to push back enough for him to know she wasn’t a pushover. Her body, her choice.

When the baby arrives, though, they will have to sort this out. At this point, I’m not convinced they can even coparent, particularly if Jackson continues to play the part of the baby in the family.

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