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The Fosters‘ tragedy causes Jude to question his sexuality — again

The explosive tragedy that rocked last week’s special musical episode of The Fosters obviously left everybody reeling — and hit especially close to home for Callie and Jude. The brother and sister have been through so much together in their short lives and always manage to overcome, but a new sneak peek from the show’s emotional Season 3 finale reveals a reaction from Jude that is a little unexpected.

After grappling with the decision to conform to labels before finally declaring himself gay in the episode “More than Words” at the beginning of the season, it seems that saying goodbye to Jack is making Jude question his own sexuality all over again.

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“I’m not really sure I’m into, guys,” Jude says solemnly to Taylor after admitting that Jack had kissed him before his death, adding that he was only into Connor because it was “just the person.”

“So, are you, like, into girls?” asks Taylor.

“Maybe,” answers Jude. “I mean, I’ve never even kissed a girl, so how would I know?”

The scene also perfectly tees up a romantic story line for Jude and Taylor. As she flirtatiously bats her eyelashes at Jude, it’s beyond obvious that a kiss could be in their near future.

In addition to questioning his sexuality, Jack’s death will start Jude — who is still dealing with his breakup with Connor — on a downward spiral of sorts.

“The family will have to rally around him and help him recover from everything that’s happened,” The Fosters creator, Brad Bredeweg, said in a recent interview with TV Guide.

And while it looks like Jack’s death will lead Jude on an introspective journey, Callie, on the other hand, will handle the situation quite differently, according to Maia Mitchell, the actress who portrays her.

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“This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and you’re really going to see her react and get quite fired up. You’re going to see her make some choices and some moves,” Mitchell told TV Guide. “She’s been a little bit of a follower and a sheep in the system. You’ll see Jack’s death make Callie come into her own. She’s fueled by this rage that she feels about the system and privatization as well. The curtains are back on [privatization] and she sees it for what it is.”

The Fosters airs Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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