Will NCIS‘ new arrival be Gibbs’ BFF, or his mortal enemy?

There’s a new agent coming to NCIS. It’s been teased for quite a while now that a character named Tess Monroe would be making her way to the hit CBS drama. Well, fans can now put a face to a name.

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On Wednesday, it was announced that 24 veteran Sarah Clarke will play FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe. So far, she is slated for the final two episodes of Season 13, but there is potential for her to become a series regular in Season 14.

“We feel so fortunate to have Sarah Clarke joining us to play Tess,” NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg said in a statement. “I’ve been a fan of hers going back to 24 and, more recently, Bosch. She’s a gifted actress, a total pro and we can’t wait to introduce her to our NCIS family and have some fun.”

As TVLine revealed Wednesday, here is the complete description of Clarke’s new character: “Tess is a quick-witted, tough and shrewd agent who recently transferred to D.C. from New York City. A multiple divorcée who’s as sexy as she is strong, Tess has no kids, so she views her fellow agents as family. Beneath a no-nonsense shell, Tess has a big heart. She believes in honor and justice and doing what’s right. And she’ll fight to protect those values, and her team, with fierce determination and a tinge of sarcasm along the way.”

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Hmm… does that sound like an already familiar and beloved NCIS character? Is anyone else getting Gibbs vibes from that description? He too has been divorced several times (married four times, divorced three), is sexy and strong, has a big heart, believes in getting justice, has a great sense of sarcasm and sees his team as family.

This could go either of two ways. There’s a great chance that Gibbs and Tess will not get along, because, well, he usually doesn’t like new agents infiltrating his team. Also, they could easily butt heads since they have so much in common. On the other hand, they just might click and become best friends due to all of their similarities. Furthermore, now that Michael Weatherly is exiting the series as Tony DiNozzo, there will be even more pressure for Tess to perform well — from both Gibbs and the fans.

All I know is that it will definitely be interesting to see how she fits in with Gibbs and his close-knit team, and if viewers will welcome her with open arms.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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