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Gwen Stefani makes confession about correcting her divorce rumors

Gwen Stefani has been very open about her divorce and the heartbreak that she endured, which she channeled into her new album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like. And during a new interview, she touched on the creation process behind it.

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“I wasn’t thinking. I was feeling, and I was dying,” Stefani told GQ. “And then I was just like, ‘You can’t go down like this! You have to turn this into music. You have to try, at least.’ I was so embarrassed by just everything. I just didn’t want to be that person that just went down after all of that.”

She continued, “A lot of the time in the sessions, they weren’t letting me write. They were giving me tracks and doing it all. I was like, Why am I here? Then I got the perfect combination of people to really support me and make me feel confident. It was an amazing awakening. I walked into the session, and I was like, ‘You gotta know, I don’t care about anything except the truth right here.'”

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While her deeply emotional tracks may be a change from her earlier punk rock music, they are achieving critical acclaim nonetheless, and the album clearly means a lot to Stefani. But it has also served as a way to correct the tabloid rumors surrounding her divorce (and Gavin Rossdale’s alleged affair with the family nanny) and provided her with a way of telling the truth; of telling her version of what really happened.

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“Everything happens so fast. It’s all happening in real time in the sense that, ‘Used to Love You’ came out only a couple weeks after I wrote it,” she told GQ. “The only reason I did that was just being honest. There’s been a lot of dishonesty around me, and I just don’t understand that because it’s just not how I live. I didn’t want to make a record: I just wanted to not die. That’s it. The fact that now I have a record and people are hearing it, it just blows my mind.”

Do you feel the emotion in Gwen Stefani’s new album? Do you think it’s much more than just a breakup project? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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