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Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg deal with huge privacy invasion

There are times that celebrities complain about aspects of their lives that genuinely make my eyes roll. If Kim Kardashian expects me to feel bad for her that she doesn’t have enough marble in her house, I don’t care. But when Jenny McCarthy was outside on her front lawn picking up her newspaper and some stranger pulled up looking for a picture, I did genuinely feel bad for her.

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In the latest episode of Donnie Loves Jenny, the stars deal with random strangers showing up to their Illinois home hoping to take a picture or talk to them. If I didn’t actually see the cars pulling up to their house, I wouldn’t believe it. I mean, who just rolls up to a stranger’s house and asks for a picture? Not anyone I know.

The couple had to jump through major hoops in order to get a fence built around their yard in order to protect their privacy, and the entire time I was thinking, how is this necessary for them? How does anyone justify invading another person’s privacy like that?

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I understand they are celebrities and that means they’ve given up a certain percentage of their privacy, but I think the line for when it’s acceptable and when it isn’t acceptable to walk up to a celebrity looking for a selfie is way before walking up to their front door and knocking. We end up punishing people for letting us into their lives and sharing their talents with us. One selfie isn’t worth making another person feel violated and unsafe in their own home. You can get likes somewhere else.

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The couple was able to get clearance to add a fence to their house and is now protected, but the real problem hasn’t been solved. The real problem is respecting personal boundaries of even your favorite celebrity. Always.

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