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Teen Mom 2 reveals Corey Simms’ emotional state following custody battle with Leah Messer

How often do you see a custody battle end in an endearing moment? Leah Messer definitely wasn’t as excited about the verdict, but watching Corey Simms react to the news that he had won the custody battle for their two daughters was a very sweet sight.

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The divorced couple has been fighting over who will be the primary parent to their twin daughters since the very early seasons of Teen Mom 2, and it will all come to a head on the March 28 episode when we get to watch Simms learn that he has won.

The proud dad is instantly emotional over the fact that he gets everything he asks for, including being named the primary caretaker and the primary legal custodian. As Simms’ lawyer says, “[Leah] no longer has the decision making, it’s shared now. So you both have to share it.”

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Once he had a second to process what his lawyer was saying, Simms said, “It’s amazing. We’ve fought for so long. I mean, it’s hard to hold back the emotions. I really didn’t expect it, you know? But for the girls’ sake, I’m tickled pink that it happened.”

Not only is he in tears that he will be the primary caretaker, but he also uses phrases like “tickled pink” in a lawyer’s office. Simms is basically the most charming Southern teddy bear in the world.

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Messer sparked concern in Simms (and his current wife, Miranda) when she repeatedly brought the girls to school late and missed important doctors’ appointments. Simms tried to explain many times the importance of responsibility and getting the girls their best shot and an education, but Messer continued to prove that she wasn’t focused on being the best mother she could be. We’ll all have to tune in to see whether or not this is the end for the custody battle between Messer and Simms.

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