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Lindsay Lohan update suggests she’s finally maturing

Remember the early 2000s when every pop princess was running wild and showing their stuff to the paparazzi? And remember how Lindsay Lohan was the ringleader of most of those antics? Well, it looks like she’s finally had enough of her wild past and is settling down.

The actress posted an Instagram photo of her boyfriend, Egor Tarabasov, untangling some boxes in what is now the couple’s new apartment in London. That’s right. Lindsay Lohan is posting about hangers these days.

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Tarabasov and Lohan have been together for about seven months and have basically been inseparable. They’ve split their time in London and New York City, and during their short romance, Lohan has fallen in love with both Tarabasov and London. So much so that she’s considering staying there long term.

Friends of Lohan mention that when the actress is in Los Angeles, she’s hounded by paparazzi and followed all the time. In London, she can probably escape all of that and be her version of normal. One source told People, “I don’t think she is going out that much. She says she’s cooking and at home. [She] goes to Monaco on the weekends and sits on yachts.”

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Like I said, her version of normal.

I have to say, it’s weird seeing Lohan so domesticated. Even in her long-term relationship with Samantha Ronson, she had a little spice of drama in her life. But now she’s organizing closets and laying low with her boyfriend. It almost seems like she’s a completely new person.

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But I am happy for her. Anyone who had a hand in bringing Mean Girls into the world really deserves all the happiness in life that they can get.

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