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Maybe Kim Richards is right and everything IS about her

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On the latest episode of The Mother/Daughter Experiment, Courtney Stodden and her mom, Krista Keller, fought about the same thing they’ve been fighting about since the beginning of the season, and probably for years — the nature of Krista’s relationship with Courtney’s husband, Doug. After an early morning Mimosa, Heidi Montag’s mom, Darlene, worried about her daughter’s possible drinking problem, and it made things a bit too real for Kim Richards. The drill this week was a mother/daughter swap, which was like that show, Wife Swap, except way less sexist.

So Heidi may have a drinking problem, or she’s just stressed out by being in a house with her mother and everyone else on this show — but, either way, it wasn’t particularly funny when Jessica Canseco joked about her being an alcoholic. Heidi pointed out the not-awesome nature of that comment by reminding her that “some people” had actual alcohol problems. Kim assumed that Heidi was referring to her, and she wasn’t happy about being discussed. I think we can safely say that Heidi was actually talking about Kim, but in case she wasn’t, Kim made sure to remind Heidi, and America, about her time spent in rehab and her recovery.

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When it was time for the mother/daughter swap, Kim was paired up with Courtney and, this time the drill didn’t elicit a freak out. It did, however, provide another opportunity for Kim to talk about herself when she gives Courtney advice about how to deal with her mother. (Lord knows the girl needs advice, but I’m not so sure she needs it from Kim!) Kim didn’t name Kyle specifically when she talked about fighting with a family member, but I think we’re all assuming that that’s who she meant, although Kim’s health issues over the last few years have definitely taken their toll on more than one of her sisters and children. Her fight with Kyle has been the most public, of course. In the context of her family stress, Kim urged Courtney to try and repair things with her mother.

I’m on the fence about this one. Courtney’s mom had a super-inappropriate relationship with Courtney’s HUSBAND and, until this week, has taken zero responsibility for it. Whatever happened with Kyle, we are definitely not talking about the same kind of thing (unless we are, in which case, yikes). The point is, most of this episode wasn’t even about Kim — the focus was pretty intensely on Courtney and Krista and their unbelievable mess, and it seemed like Kim was trying to shoehorn herself in so she was more a part of things than she should have been naturally. Guess what? It totally worked, and that’s why Kim’s on TV, and I’m not.

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Do you think Kim makes everything about her, or did you see a different side to her in this episode? Tell us in the comments!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below!

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