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5 ways Teen Mom 2 shows Leah Messer didn’t deserve custody

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On this season of Teen Mom 2, which is not even three episodes old, Leah Messer is already in the midst of some serious trouble, on and off camera, and MTV hasn’t exactly been reserved about showing it all.

On Monday’s new episode, Corey Simms learned that he’d be receiving primary custody of the twins. And while we didn’t see Leah hearing the news on camera, there was some behavior, before and after the custody decision was made public, that fans of the show will recognize, and it doesn’t make it easy to support Leah in contesting the judge’s decision to award Corey custody.

1. Not having food in the house

This is the second week in a row that one of the twins has noticed that there isn’t so much in the way of foodstuffs in Leah’s house, and it just doesn’t get less upsetting to hear. Leah seemed to dismiss it again, which was also both weird and sad.

2. Anxiety

Leah spent some time last season in “intense therapy,” as she called it, for anxiety and depression, although Corey and Miranda didn’t buy it and tried to get Leah to admit to drug use on numerous occasions. Fans saw her collapse more than once under the pressure of everything — her divorce, Ali’s illness, the stress that comes from having three kids, etc. Anxiety, depression and addiction aren’t things that just evaporate, so it’s no wonder that Leah’s still dealing with these issues this season, and not doing a great job — the level of anxiety she seems to have just isn’t sustainable.

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3. Being on the low end of functional

On Monday, Leah was so overcome by everything — Ali’s doctor’s appointment, the pending custody decision and dealing with Jeremy — that she didn’t feel like she should drive to pick up the girls from school. When she called her sister, Victoria, and asked her to do it, she was slurring her words, and it was hard to make out what she was saying. MTV also didn’t hesitate to film Leah asleep on the couch in what seemed to be the middle of the day, and to juxtapose it with Corey hugging Miranda and saying how big of a responsibility they’re about to take on, but it’s what’s best for the girls.

4. All the screaming

While it hasn’t happened yet this season, Leah and Jeremy’s fighting last season reached such a pitch that the twins told Corey it scared them. Things seem quieter since Leah and Jeremy no longer live together, but the fact that things were so out of hand didn’t really support the argument that Leah was providing a stable environment.

5. Too much, too fast

Since we first met Leah in her 16 and Pregnant episode, it’s been clear that she often takes on too much with not a lot of clarity about how the future will actually look. While her divorce from Jeremy and her entering into rehab hopefully indicates a positive change, it’s not impossible to imagine that she could get herself into a whole new troublesome situation and that MTV won’t hesitate to show us all the gory details.

All this being said, this is still a reality show, and there is still this thing called editing, which has the power to do as much bad as it does good. Leah’s been open about her anger toward MTV lately, and although she’s since regained custody of the twins, the Teen Mom 2 producers are proving, with every episode this season, that they’re not interested in bypassing anything, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

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Do you think Leah Messer deserved to lose custody of the twins? Is Corey Simms a better parent? Is MTV’s editing of the show responsible for portraying her in a bad light? Tell us in the comments!

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