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Younger: Why I demand Liza chooses Charles over Josh

Younger‘s second season came to a close Wednesday night and it opened up a lot of doors for Liza’s personal life. But first things first.

Yes, Thad is really dead and also has a twin brother, which is good news for Dan Amboyer. I have a feeling he’ll be popping up again as Thad’s twin, so at least he isn’t out of a job. Also, all it took was Liza quitting her job to realize that despite her lies and how difficult it gets pretending all the time, the path she’s on is the right one.

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Now, let’s talk two major things that happened with Liza, Josh and Charles. While attending Thad’s funeral, Josh and Liza decided to be “sad together,” which is code for they slept together — or, as Liza put it, they had “mourning sex.”

As exciting as Josh and Liza shippers are about the two hooking up, Charles and Liza shippers also got a treat. While trying to woo Liza back to Empirical, Charles gave Liza something to think about. That translates to Charles kissing Liza. I repeat, Charles kissed Liza. That took long enough, right?

For two seasons, the chemistry and sexual tension between Liza and Charles has been lingering. Well, Charles finally did something about it — and it’s about damn time. I’m sure you can tell that I’m team Liza and Charles. Don’t get me wrong, I like Josh, but I just like Charles more and think Liza needs to give him a shot.

However, that might not happen, because at the end of the Season 2 finale, Josh showed up at Liza’s apartment. Not only did he tell her that he broke up with Greta, but he wants to give their relationship another shot. He even kissed her and said, “I’m all in.”

Liza and Charles
Image: Tumblr

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Liza looked both happy and hesitant, which may or may not have anything to do with that kiss from Charles. Maybe she’s seriously thinking about giving him a chance? Obviously, Charles being Liza’s boss might complicate things, but if anyone does complicated well, it’s Liza.

Also, how many times have Josh and Liza broken up? How many times have they sworn they’re both all in? How many times can they really go back and forth between breaking up and reuniting? The latter definitely doesn’t spell “happy and healthy relationship.”

You know what that means? Liza needs to take a break from Josh and date Charles. I have a feeling that if Liza gets back together with Josh, Charles’ kiss will be in the back of her mind, which definitely won’t be good for her and Josh. So, by giving Charles a chance, she won’t wonder, “What if?” Plus, dating someone else other than Josh just might help Liza realize who she wants, which might be Josh, Charles or herself.

Whatever the case, here’s hoping Liza and Charles happen, because I can’t wait any longer. Thankfully, Younger will return for a third season, so stay tuned for new episodes and to see what Liza decides.

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