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Kim Richards is making new strides to repair her relationship with Kyle

Could this be the end of a years-long feud?

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In a new interview, Kim Richards revealed to People magazine that she might be ready to mend her publicly contentious relationship with her sister, Kyle Richards.

I miss my sister,” Richards shared. “I look at her face today and I want this relationship.”

Both sisters joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2010. There, viewers watched their relationship crumble as they had nasty and bitter on-screen fights, including during the finale of the first season, when Kyle revealed to the show’s national audience that Kim was an alcoholic.

Kim has faced legal trouble and several rehab stints in the years since, and throughout the drama in her personal life, she and Kyle have never successfully repaired the damage to their relationship. They even went almost a year without speaking to each other in 2014.

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“It was very hard,” Kim told People. “I had a lot of hurt and disappointment. I needed to heal and find a way to move forward.”

She continued, “Sometimes, when you unravel things from the past, it just gets worse. If there is anything boiling, that needs to be talked about 100 percent. But if there are things that are just unsettled, leave them there. There are certain things better left behind.”

Kim, who is currently appearing on Lifetime’s The Mother/Daughter Experiment, has one remaining message for Kyle: “It never meant that I didn’t love her and it never meant that I didn’t miss her. I’ve let it go. And I’m happy with our relationship again.”

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Kim & Kyle Richards slideshow
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