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New weight-loss show Strong could bump The Biggest Loser off TV

NBC’s new show Strong could be the weight-loss show women have been waiting for.

The network is combining American Ninja Warrior with The Biggest Loser to produce a new series that might finally depict the sexy kind of healthy.

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The show pairs 10 women with 10 of the fittest trainers in the country to put them head-to-head in a competition like we’ve never seen before.

But rather than pushing contestants to go to extremes to lose weight, Strong is all about transforming the body to achieve greater physical fitness goals. It isn’t about getting into a smaller pants size. It isn’t about looking good naked. It’s about testing the capabilities of the body and overcoming obstacles as a competitor. The result is, of course, that the women competing on the show will gain some sexy, lean muscles and definition like a pro athlete. But that isn’t the focus. The focus is on being strong inside and out (hence the name of the series).

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Not to mention, Sylvester Stallone is one of the show’s producers.

NBC is the same network behind The Biggest Loser, a show that has had its fair share of criticism about the unhealthy way it pushes contestants to the extreme to lose weight. Many former contestants have since spoken out against the program, saying the lengths contestants go to to slim down doesn’t end up promoting long-term health. The Biggest Loser focuses on weight loss, but it doesn’t differentiate at all between fat lost and muscle gained, which are important factors when hitting the gym.

Strong seems to be attempting to fix that controversy by taking weight loss out of the equation and bringing it in as an added bonus of the series. It’s even created by the same people behind The Biggest Loser, meaning that maybe they’re trying to transform fitness for the new generation, which has me thinking The Biggest Loser might be on its way off the air.

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If you want to get some inspiration before hitting the gym, watch the first trailer for Strong Season 1 below.

Catch the premiere of Strong Wednesday, April 13 at 10/9c on NBC.

Will you watch NBC’s new weight-loss competition show Strong?

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