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Judge rules on Bethenny Frankel’s divorce

Bethenny Frankel rates pretty high on the scale of divorce drama. She’s aired her dirty laundry everywhere from the Internet to The Real Housewives of New York. But it looks like she finally caught a break. Earlier, a judge ruled that she no longer has to pay her estranged husband, Jason Hoppy, spousal support.

It wasn’t all a win for Frankel, however. Her appeal to be named the sole owner of the couple’s shared condo was rejected. But it’s pretty easy to see why. The reality star claimed that she should be named the sole owner simply because she paid for everything. The judge didn’t think that was substantial enough and called for an evidentiary hearing.

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With that call, the judge also extended this battle between the exes.

Hoppy was obviously upset by the first half of the ruling because it means he is, at least temporarily, out of spousal support — which is all the money he has if you believe Frankel. For her part, Frankel was disappointed that she wouldn’t be awarded an apartment she clearly believes she is entitled to. But the worst part of the entire debacle is that the two can’t seem to keep it cordial for their daughter.

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Fans of RHONY have seen Frankel’s emotional reactions to not being able to spend as much time with her daughter and the toll this divorce has taken on her. Most think that given the choice between letting go of all that emotional baggage and dragging this divorce out for even longer, it would be an obvious decision. But for whatever reason, Frankel seems to be a fan of the turmoil.

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The best that anyone can hope for in this mess is that when they leave the courtroom and are around their daughter, everyone lets go of the animosity and pays attention to her.

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