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Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller sets a bad example with dangerous behavior

Abby Lee Miller’s behavior has been increasingly erratic on Dance Moms, but while viewers have come to expect hair curlers, pajamas and the usual screaming from the famous dance teacher, few expected to see Miller put her own life at risk. That’s exactly what she did during tonight’s episode of Dance Moms, when she recklessly stepped in the middle of a busy Los Angeles street and played traffic director, all for the sake of a commercial.

Abby Lee
Image: Lifetime

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Miller’s unexpected traffic directing was all part of an effort to gain her girls more exposure, this time via a music video with former American Idol star and YouTube sensation Todrick Hall. He’s worked with the Dance Moms girls in the past, so he should already have understood just how nuts Miller can be. However, he was quite taken aback by Miller’s bossiness. Hall admitted that, after years in the industry and hundreds of videos, he’s never met anybody half as difficult as Miller.

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Miller was a thorn in Hall’s side during the entirety of the video shoot, but her craziest moment arrived when she jumped into the middle of traffic and started telling drivers what to do. Her goal was to have her dancers captured in the perfect shot, but talk about a dangerous way to accomplish this end. Miller encouraged the girls to join her, but thankfully, their mothers had other plans.

Image: Lifetime

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Viewers were clearly not impressed by Miller’s latest stunt. Several astutely pointed out that she could have gotten in a lot of trouble or, worse yet, caused an accident. Miller doesn’t always think things through, but in her brief foray into Los Angeles traffic, she took her impulsive streak to the next level. The responses from Twitter users ranged from amusement to horror.

Miller has never been one to set a good example for her students, so it’s not like her traffic debacle was a surprise. Instead, it was yet another in a long line of bad ideas indicating a complete lack of responsibility and rational thinking.

What did you think of Abby Lee Miller’s traffic performance? Silly or dangerous? Comment and share your opinion below.

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