Little Women: LA bachelorette party stirs up some major drama

Mar 23, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. ET

When the women of Little Women: LA throw a bachelorette party, they make sure to make the most of it. Unfortunately, the drama that is good for TV is not always good for friendship. The women got together to celebrate Briana Renée’s bachelorette party, but instead of celebrating her, two women stole the focus for themselves.

Great friendships are built on a foundation of attention hogging and ruined parties, after all.

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In this exclusive sneak peek of the newest episode, the women are sitting around talking when Christy McGinity Gibel announces she has some big news. She tells the women that her and her husband have decided to adopt. The women all congratulated her, but she was quickly shoved out of the spotlight when Elena Gant revealed she was expecting not one but two babies.

As you can imagine, Renée wasn’t totally excited that her friends picked her bachelorette party to announce these huge milestones. Her annoyance with her friends was totally obvious and she couldn’t even pretend to be excited for her friends.

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The most hilarious part came when Gibel decided that it was rude of Gant to steal her thunder, completely oblivious to the fact that that’s what she’d done to Renée first. It’s fascinating that no matter how many reality TV shows end up on air, casting directors still manage to find more oblivious and selfish people.

Although it’s always great to hear when a friend is expanding their family, especially if they’ve faced struggles with it, you never expect them to do it while at an event in your honor. That seems like friendship 101.

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We'll all have to tune in at 9/8c tonight to find out if a fight erupts between all the women after this talk. I'll probably put my money on yes.

Also, be sure to stick around to check out the premiere of Little Women: Terra's Little Family right after at 10/9c on Lifetime.