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Total Divas‘ Eva Marie’s plan for the rest of Season 5 may change her image

This is an exciting time for Total Divas star Eva Marie, who is set to return to WWE’s main roster after a nine-month break. She’s put a lot of effort into working up to this big moment — and her hard work has been quite evident on Total Divas.

Unfortunately, while Eva Marie would like to keep the focus on wrestling, drama always seems to follow her. She’s a heel in wrestling, but she has just as much of a bad girl persona on Total Divas. However, she’s spent much of Season 5 trying to repair fractured relationships with her fellow Divas.

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In an exclusive interview with SheKnows, Eva Marie shared the scoop on her evolving relationships with the gals of Total Divas, as well as her new friendship with Mandy. She has admitted that her chief goal for Season 5 is to focus on honing her craft as a wrestler and to “stay out of the crazy drama, because I had enough of it last season.” It hasn’t been easy, but she feels she has “done a good job in staying as low-key as possible.”

Eva Marie’s efforts at reconciliation have been met with varying degrees of success, but she has managed to establish a really strong friendship with the new girl, Mandy. She knows exactly what it’s like to be the odd one out, so she can really relate to the show’s newest cast member.

“I’ve been in [Mandy’s] shoes, and walking into the lion’s den isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially being brand-new,” Eva Marie said.

She does admit, however, that there’s a little selfishness in her fondness for Mandy: “It was great to get a new girl because it means less heat for me.”

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Not only can Eva Marie relate to Mandy’s plight of being the new girl on Total Divas, she appreciates that Mandy knows exactly what it’s like to enter the WWE Universe.

“Her and I have been able to train and do some shows together in NXT. It’s always nice to show the Total Divas audience as well as the WWE Universe that… you’re not just born a wrestler. You gotta work at it, you gotta train hard. It’s not something that happens overnight. Her and I are not from the wrestling world… I wanted to welcome her as best as I possibly can into the situation.”

Eva Marie likes to think that she made Mandy’s entrance into the WWE Universe and the world of reality TV a little easier, and she’d like to do the same for future Total Divas cast members. She offered a few words of advice to any new girls who might join the show in the future: “Remember why you wanted to be a WWE Diva, remember why you got into this business. Never lose sight of that, no matter what anybody’s saying. Never stop. If you want something, keep on going.”

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Fans can expect Eva Marie to abide by her own advice and keep on going, no matter what drama the other Divas throw her way. She’s well on her way to becoming more than the heel of Total Divas — and viewers are excited to watch her journey! See Eva Marie’s part in the Divas Revolution for yourself, and tune in to E! at 9/8c every Tuesday.

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