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Lala Kent lashes out at Kristen Doute at the Vanderpump Rules reunion

This feud is getting heated.

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It’s no secret that Vanderpump Rules‘ Kristen Doute and Lala Kent don’t exactly get along. But during the first part of the Bravo series’ Season 4 reunion on Monday, they decided to air some of that out for all their viewers to see.

The feud between the two Sur employees began when Doute said she resents Kent for “f***ing around with my ex-boyfriend [James Kennedy].”

They’ve been in some tense scenes and have even taken their beef to social media — Doute said about Kent, “I don’t like the things I’ve seen on social media that she’s said about my friends.”

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On the reunion show, Kent fires back, telling Doute, “I don’t like the things that you’ve said either, and I gave you a chance, and I feel like you gave me one, and it was almost like it was fake. Like, ‘How does this benefit me if I’m friends with Lala?'”

But it doesn’t end there. An incredulous Doute shouts back at Kent, “I’m like the least fake person you will ever meet!”

It’s not the only drama to hit the reunion show that Doute is caught up in. Later in the show, Tom Sandoval accuses Doute, who is his ex-girlfriend, of trying to break up Katie Maloney’s relationship with Tom Schwartz.

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Check out the clip below to see the entire fight play out.

Whose side are you on in this feud, Kristen Doute’s or Lala Kent’s? Head down to the comments and let us know where you stand.

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